The final mistake agencies make when they sell themselves is promoting their process. While I am a big fan of process because clients DO like to know that an agency’s success is repeatable, the problem is that most agencies create one ‘catch all’ process to apply to every client problem. And often that process is identical to every other agency in their category. Everyone has some kind of input process that yields a strategy that is then executed and optimized in whatever channels they manage. The input process will also be eerily similar, although everyone will call their tools proprietary and have a special name for them. Not only is this not a differentiating approach, but one process for every client would seem to indicate that every client has the same problem, which we know isn’t true. If the client has a problem with customer retention, you would look at different inputs to understand the problem than you would if the client has an acquisition problem. And even an acquisition problem can be broken up into many different scenarios. Is it a product launch? Is it a mature product or service that is being repositioned? Is it an old product in a new market? Is it a conversion problem in a particular channel? All of these scenarios would require a slightly different strategic process. This is where the discussion should begin for your agency. What key problems are you solving day in and day out, and what bespoke processes are you using to solve each one?

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1. Eder wrote:
they were with our competition and had been for a while and had no iteintnon to really consider Paychex. I told her it could not hurt to have a proposal in her hands in case they did decide to evaluate at a later date. When we met and did a need analysis we found out that they were first of all .spending more money than necessary they were not taking advantage of pre-tax benefits .and that she would have an HR resource with Paychex that she did not have with her provider…including FREE CPE credits that she needs. We have become great friends and when she called me last week she said First the good news I graduated with honors! After over 20 years in the industry she had gone back to school to complete her BS in HR and I was honored that she wanted to share that news with me. Then she said The owner came in and said we needed to update our policies and I need to talk about getting a new handbook, when can you come by? The next day we met and her handbooks are on the way!

09.13.12 @ 12:04 AM

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