Jump start your prospecting strategy with our Workshop. 

We offer a variety of service levels depending on your needs.


In this intense half day session, you will get a fresh perspective on your business using proven techniques and tips tailored to your agency. You will come away from the workshop with new insight on what you are selling, how to package it so that companies can more easily buy it, the best way to attract your ideal prospects and how to close business outside of an RFP process. Click here to download more info.


This three to four week initiative yields a sales strategy for the firm that defines the agency’s solution areas and target audiences in specific terms. It yields marketing materials and a proven process for bringing new clients into the firm, which your staff will learn. It also includes contact information for your prospect universe if needed and one-on-one consulting in all areas of business development.


For agencies who require on-going new business representation in the marketplace, Lead Engine offers strategic outreach to top prospects leading to qualification meetings and ultimately closed business for the firm. The fee varies with the level of support required.


For clients who need help finding valuable talent to fill key positions, Lead Engine also offers recruiting services for a flat referral fee.