Lead Engine is a new
business consultancy
designed to support
pipeline development
for marketing firms
and ad agencies of
all shapes and sizes.

Although the vast majority of an agency’s new business resources go against RFPs and pitches, clients often know who they want to hire before the RFP is released. It is, therefore, critical for an agency to have a strategic, on-going approach to new business that is consultative in nature and focuses on proactively building relationships long before the RFP is developed. Importantly, it’s imperative to give these companies something to buy so that the agency is not reliant on RFPs to close business.

Through a consultative strategic process, you will quickly gain new insight into what your agency is actually selling from the perspective of your customers. By focusing on the problems you are solving for them day in and day out and applying a fresh, creative lens to your areas of expertise, you will gain a new set of solutions with differentiating capabilities that you can confidently sell to similar prospects.

You will also gain a new set of skills and materials to support proactive selling along with a proven process that you can manage internally or outsource to Lead Engine.


Teri HagedornWith over fifteen years of experience in business development for agencies of all types and sizes including J. Walter Thompson, Rapp Collins and Organic, Teri has been involved in all aspects of the new business process.

But after seeing hundreds of thousands of dollars wasted on new business pitches that didn’t convert, she began to study the art and science of sales and how it was being applied to other service industries. Over the years, she adapted these sales techniques to the unique challenges of the agency world and began to have exponentially more success.

Today she offers her brand of new business consulting to agencies of all shapes and sizes who want to invest in a proactive new business strategy that gets them out of the RFP business.